Game: Backgammon
In the world of 2 player games, backgammon is among the most fun and oldest of all 2 player games. This version is designed specifically for easy play on phone, tablet and desktop.  If you enjoy playing a good chess game but don't have as much time to play as you would like, playing backgammon online will be a fun alternative.

• 1-player mode vs. computer AI 🤖  or,
• Play Backgammon together with your friends on a single device using Local Player vs Player mode 👫
• Fair and truly random dice rolls! 🎲
• 🆓 Free to play 🆓
Recommended for: Ages 5 and up
Skill(s) you will develop: Strategy, tactics, counting, probability
• Genre: Board game

Backgammon is an ancient Egyptian skill and strategy board game (طاولي) and one of the most popular 2 player online games in the world. Backgammon is played on a board consisting of twenty-four narrow triangles called points. The triangles alternate in color and are grouped into four quadrants of six triangles each. The quantrants are called 1) player's home board, 2) player's outer board, 3) opponent's home board, and 4) opponent's outer board. The home and outer boards are separated from each other by a ridge down the center of the board called the bar. There are 15 white and 15 black pieces (called stones), and each player has all of one of the colors. Players move their stones across twenty-four triangles according to the roll of two dice. The objective of the game is to move all of your pieces along the board's triangles and off the board before your opponent does. 

Also known as:
Backgammon is known by a variety of names around the world, such as: such as: Persian:تخته نرد , Turkish: tavla , Greek: Tavli, Chinese: shuanglu, iTapa, Tabula, Acey Deucey, طاولي, Tawla, ששבש, Trictrac, Narde, Nackgammon, Gammon, Plakoto, Tawleh, Takhte Nard, Bakugan, Shesh Besh, and Nardi.  Common international search terms include:  backgammon regeln, backgammon kostenlos, backgammon aufbau, backgammon aufbauen, backgammon aufstellen, backgammon aufstellung, backgammon en ligne, backgammon gratis, backgammon regler, backgammon spiel, backgammon spiele, backgammon spielen, backgammon opstilling, backgammon agame, backgammon flyordie, backgammon juego, and many more.

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